The American Made Elation Freedom Electric Hypercar

Elation Freedom Electric Hypercar

Elation Freedom Electric Hypercar

Luxury and the heights of engineering excellence are paired up with the unveiling of the all-electric Elation Freedom. Inspired by designs linked to Argentinian racers and automaker, the Elation Freedom will be part of a limited-edition line realized by Elation Hypercars CEO Carlos Satulovsky and his business partner Mauro Saravia.

Taking the Hypercar Concept to the Next Level

Boasting an incredible 1,400 HP, and equipped with a 400-mile range, the Elation Freedom is far from a traditional hypercar. Currently being prototyped in northern California’s Silicon Valley, this mesmerizing model will start at $2.5 million when it’s available to be purchased.

While the concept behind the Elation Freedom finds its roots in global design features, it’s production will happen exclusively on American soil. Elation Hypercars is proud to be putting the first luxury electric hypercar model of its kind on the market.

Elation Freedom Electric Hypercar

Above and Beyond Hypercar Specs

Elation Hypercars has a solid reputation for incorporating innovative technology into unique designs. The Elation Freedom is slated to be no exception to the rule.

The vehicle is designed to be able to reach speeds of up to 260 mph and maneuver between zero and 62 mph in 1.8 seconds. These performance numbers are made possible with a carbon-Kevlar monocoque chassis which is ultra-lightweight and combined with variable-pitch active aerodynamics.

The Elation Freedom is suited to the road, but it’s also outfitted with double-wishbone titanium suspension, giving it an undeniable racer quality. While the miles will fly by in the Elation Freedom, the inclusion of stability-control software will make driving this car as safe as it is thrilling.

Elation Freedom Electric Hypercar Interior

Elation Freedom Coming Your Way in 2022

To date, Elation Freedom has undergone all of the necessary feasibility studies as well as passed required engineering phases. Prototype testing is expected to continue through 2021 with production set to begin in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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