10 Tips For Selling Classic Cars

How To Sell Classic Cars Online

How To Sell Classic Cars Online

Do you have a classic car that you don’t ever use? They’re fun and all, but how about turning it into some cold, hard cash? Selling cars can be a confusing business, especially when it’s not just your average sedan that you’re trying to get rid of. In this article, we’ve pulled together a list of top tips that’ll make selling yours a slice.

10. Clean Your Car

You want your car looking its best. When somebody arrives to take a look at it, they don’t want to be confronted by a machine coated in grime or dust. Give it a thorough clean, making sure to wax it and clean the windows. You want every little detail of the car to look stunning. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, get it valeted.

9. Take The Best Pictures You Can

 If there’s one thing that infuriates me whenever I scroll through car ads, it’s the massive number of poor pictures. So many sellers take pictures vertically on their phones, in poor lighting, or take them all from the same angle. Take pictures from all around the car, from the front, sides, and back. Make sure to also include interior pictures, and photos of inside the trunk and under the hood. If you want to get fancy, you can also take pictures during the golden hour at sunset or sunrise, to really make your classic look its best.

8. Visit A Mechanic

 Before you list your car, take it to a mechanic. Have them look the car over and tell you everything that’s wrong with it. If you want, you can have these issues repaired. If you decide not to, you’re still far better informed about what your target price should be.

7. Be Honest

I know that I don’t have to tell you this, good Exotic Car List reader, but it bears repeating. Plainly state any faults the car has. If it has spots of rust or mechanical issues, be up front about them. Don’t make someone drive out to see your car only to instantly notice a rusty panel or a hole in the metalwork. If anything is going to cost you a sale, that’s it.

6. Do Your Homework

Research, research, research. This stage is crucial. Look online to find out what other cars like yours are being sold for. Pay close attention to their years, specs, and condition. Take a look at the highest and the lowest prices asked. Be honest with yourself, is your car more like the more expensive one, or the cheaper one?

5. Set A Target Price

Following on from the last step, you’ll want to set a sensible price. After having done your research, this should be a piece of cake. You can list the price as negotiable if you like, but don’t be afraid to demand what it’s worth. It’s also advisable to set the price a little higher than you expect to sell the car for, if you’re happy to negotiate. This will let the buyer haggle you down to the lower price you’re happy to get.

4. Write The Ad

When it comes to writing your ad, you want to get as much information across as you can, without turning the listing into a novel. Limit yourself to a few hundred words at maximum, and keep it to the point. In these few hundred words, tell your potential buyers all about the car: its year, specs, condition, how many miles it has on the clock, when it was last serviced, and so on. If it’s info you’d want when buying a car, list it.

3. List The Car

Now we get to the meat and potatoes of the actual selling process. It’s a good idea to list the car online with a targeted website like Exotic Car List. In addition, get the word out there on social media to let your friends and family know your car is for sale. If your car is a brand or model with a big following, such as a Mustang or a Corvette, check out owners clubs and forums to see if you can list it there as well.

2. Show It Off

When someone comes to look at your car, have it out and ready for them to see. Show them the car’s best features, and let them take it for a test drive if they’re so inclined. Be polite and professional with them. Essentially, remember the golden rule.

1. Be Safe And Get Paid

Be mindful in how you accept payment for your car. Should the buyer wish to pay you cash, get a bill-checking pen, and make sure they’re real. If they want to pay you with a check, personal or cashier’s, let the funds clear before you release the car to its new owner. Likewise, should they wish to pay you via bank transfer, don’t give them the keys until you have the cash in your account.

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