Ferrari F355 Buyers Guide

Ferrari F355 Buyers Guide

Ferrari F355 Buyers Guide

A retro-chic aesthetic and impressive on-the-road performance are yours for enjoying when you add a Ferrari F355 to your collection. Buying a Ferrari is often an experience in balancing racetrack-inspired speed with a versatility that provides for a sophisticated driving experience too.

This Ferrari F355 buyers guide is designed to inform those looking to buy a used Ferrari F355 of its incredible features contrasted by a few of the noticeable pain points. Whether you head to local Ferrari F355 dealers for options or stick with online and used selections, this is a vehicle that promises to be as intriguing as it is fun to drive.

Benefits of Buying a Ferrari F355

Featuring classic lines and an undeniably sporty appeal, the Ferrari F355 functions like a graceful race car when it’s well-maintained. The V8 engine is often credited with performing much like a V12 much to the delight of drivers. This is also particularly appealing to those buyers who seek out exotic cars modeled after Formula One designs and technology.

The interior of the Ferrari F355 boasts beautiful Connolly hide and trim paired with manual gearboxes or a semi-automatic paddle shift that speak to the elegance of eras past. The aluminum and steel shell, combined with a fully-aerodynamic frame give the Ferrari F355 an unmistakable look that’s bound to turn heads no matter where you go.

While the Ferrari F355 is designed to be manageable in town, taking corners and curves with ease, it’s the open road that lets this vehicle shine. Smooth acceleration standards make this a car worthy of adventure.

The inclusion of titanium conrods and five-valve heads put the Ferrari F355 into a firmly modern category of vehicle while still maintaining its classic allure. Ultimately, the Ferrari F355 is designed to rival the well-received Porch 911.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Ferrari F355

For all of its incredible performance standards, the Ferrari F355 will inevitably require a significant amount of costly maintenance to keep it in prime driving condition on the road. A collection of specialized parts and features throughout will come with a need for special order replacements and knowledgeable technicians on-hand to take care of both interior and exterior work.

While the frame of the Ferrari F355 is decidedly light for faster acceleration, it’s also prone to rust over time. Rustproofing solutions are minimal on this model to keep the shell at a desirable weight. Wheel arches and engine support cradles should be closely monitored for corrosion.

The cost of a Ferrari F355 for sale starts around $50,000. Keep an eye on the vehicle’s V8 engine which likely needs to have the cambelt replaced at least once every 3-years. Engine support cradles will also require removal and sandblasting services before new parts can be replaced.

The Road is Waiting for You

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