How to Prepare Your Sports Car for the Summer

Prepare Your Sports Car for Summer

Prepare Your Sports Car for Summer

While there’s still a chill in the air this early into spring, the warmer weather is not too far off. And, if you have a sports car or exotic car put away in storage, you’ll soon want to take it out of its winter hibernation and get it ready for fun times on the open road.

You certainly don’t have to wait until it’s balmy outside to get your vehicle ready. In fact, it makes perfect sense to begin the process a bit early so that you’re ready to roll come summer.

What follows are some tips to help get your sports car or exotic car ready for warm-weather driving.

Battery Check

Did you use a battery tender to keep the battery from running dry this winter? If so, you should have plenty of juice. Another advantage of doing so is that you’ll effectively extend the life of your battery. Once determining that your battery has a full charge, check the cables and terminals. Is there any oxidization or corrosion evident? If so, you can get commercial products to correct the problem or you can use a mixture of water and baking soda with a brush to clean off any oxidization or corrosion.

Top Up Air in Tires

You no doubt know that it’s important that your tires are properly inflated. Assuming that the tires you have installed on your vehicle are in good shape, be sure to fill them to the proper PSI for optimal performance when you hit the road. If the tires show obvious signs of wear and tear, be sure to replace them.

Change the Oil

Don’t overlook changing the oil in your sports car or exotic car — even if you had diligently changed the oil before putting it into storage for the winter. Doing this will get rid of any condensation that may have built up while it was in storage. When you consider the financial and personal value of your vehicle, you’ll agree that fresh engine oil and a new filter are well worth it. Also check the other fluid levels, and top up anything that’s lower than optimal.

Clean it Up

You obviously want to ensure that your vehicle looks its best as your driving around and about. If you detailed it before storing it for the winter, it should be good to go. This is especially the case if you stored it in a suitable space and used a car cover to protect it from dirt and dust.

Whether you’ve already taken your vehicle out of storage or you plan to do so soon, it’s critical that you check off the above mentioned boxes before you take you hit the road this summer. These tips will give you some guidance to ensure that you’re ready to roll when the time comes.

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