How To Sell Your Ford Mustang Online

Sell My Ford Mustang

Do you own a Ford Mustang that you want to get rid of? I know to those people who don’t own one, that sounds like an impossible feeling, but such things do come and go. Maybe you’re upgrading to a new model, or just need a bit of cash. Either way, sometimes, even your favorite cars need to leave your garage. While a lot of general tips about selling your car do apply, and we’ll cover them briefly, there are some more specific tips about the Mustang, and you’ll find these here too.

Sell My Ford Mustang

Get The Car In Order

When you’re selling your car, you want it to be in good condition. Make sure that any work that needs to be done on the car has been completed, and that you have all the documentation to prove it. One perk of the Ford Mustang being as popular as it is, is that you can get spare parts for just about any model under the sun. Clean the car, inside and out. If you don’t want to do this yourself, take the car to a valeting service and have them give it the once over. A pristine car can make all the difference to your buyer.

Take a wide selection of pictures for the car’s advertisement. Make sure that you get detailed photos of the exterior, from both the front and rear, a side view, a photo the engine, and interior photos. This will save you having to deal with too many time-wasters or tire kickers. Now, it’s time to advertise.

Do Your Research

Before you list your car on any number of websites, take the time to research how much you should be selling your car for. Use a tool like the Hemming’s price guide, to see how much cars like yours normally sell for. Once you have a rough idea, go onto Mustang enthusiast sites and research the rarity and value of your specific model. Take a look at other cars of the same model and trim that have sold on eBay and other classified websites. Then, depending on your car’s comparative condition, add or subtract from said price.

Advertising Your Car

This is the step that requires the least amount of work on your part. You’ll want to list your car on a number of websites, each with their own advantages. First of all, list it on a classifieds site, much like our own! Our site allows you to get as many pairs of eyes on your Mustang as possible. Then, take a look at various Mustang owners’ forums. These sites often contain sub-forums that allow you to list your car, usually for free. The advantage that these have is that, while not as many people will see it, those who will see it are more likely to be experts, who won’t waste your time.

Finally, there’s another avenue to consider with your Ford Mustang. If it’s a rare model, then consider getting in touch with an owners’ club personally. Many such clubs have newsletters, and if you can get your car on here, it will sell in no time. Finally, if your car has had any custom work done on it, then listing it on a specialist restomodding website can also go a long way. While purists might be put off by your new engine, there are many people who won’t be.

Doing The Deal

When you actually sell your Mustang, make sure not to hand over the keys until payment is verified. You don’t want to be left with an empty garage and a bounced check. Your buyer should pay with cash, or a bank transfer. Only once the funds have been cleared should you hand over the keys.

Used Ford Mustang For Sale By Owner

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