How To Sell Your Used Maserati

Maserati For Sale By Owner

Maserati For Sale By Owner

Maserati and its trident emblem are synonymous with luxury. When you step inside a Maserati, no matter what model or year, you know you’re in for a fantastic drive. That’s an appealing prospect to many prospective buyers. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the best ways to sell your used Maserati, and make the highest profit doing so.

Researching Your Car

When you’re selling your car, research is crucial. Selling a Maserati Quattroporte is a whole different ball game to selling a Maserati Ghibli, or a Tipo 61 (though if you have a Tipo 61 that you want to sell, do get in touch with me). Not only are different models worth different amounts. Price also depends on the trim level, the equipment fitted, and any damage, superficial or otherwise. To appropriate and paraphrase a god-awful motivational slogan, know your car’s value. If you know the value of your car inside and out, you’re not going to get taken for a ride by some buyer with a silver tongue.

Get Any Repairs Done And Have The Maserati Cleaned

I mentioned damage back there, and yes, you could theoretically sell a Maserati in any condition, if you wanted to. However, to get a better price and attract more buyers, get your Maserati in as best shape as you can. Whether your car needs dents fixed, or new panels, or new carpets, or anything else, get it done. Yes, it’s going to cost you some cash, but it’ll be worth it. When it’s in fantastic condition, you need to get your car cleaned. You can do this yourself, if you have the time, but it’s worth getting it professionally valeted. This isn’t hard to do, any town or city will have at least one place that will clean your car from top to bottom, and leave it looking fantastic.

Advertising Your Maserati

Selling a Maserati is a very different proposition from selling a Ford. The advertisement will require another level of attention, and it will need to look good. For the latter, you just need some great photos. If your phone camera is truly good, then feel free to use it, but if you have any doubts, grab a proper camera: borrow one from a friend, if you don’t have one. Take the pictures under good lighting conditions, either in a garage with clear overhead lighting that doesn’t cast large shadows over the bodywork, or outside on a clear day. Don’t shoot into the sun, and look out for any shadows cast by trees or power lines. Take a variety of photos from a number of angles, and take more than you’ll need (the more to pick from, the better).

When you’re writing your advertisement, assume the reader has a good knowledge of the car. Be honest about any problems, but also describe its luxurious ride, speed, and any other selling points. think you’ll find our packages excellent value.

If you’re serious about listing your Maserati for sale by owner and have maintained it properly, a knowledgeable enthusiast will pay good money in recognition of your previous care for the vehicle. Now you know all there is to getting your Maserati sold at a good price. Good luck!

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