Tips For Selling A Used Rolls-Royce

Sell My Rolls Royce

Sell My Rolls Royce

Selling a Rolls-Royce is not like selling any other car. It’s not even comparable to selling supercars, or a Bentley, or, well, anything else. Rolls-Royces are in a class of their own. Their legendary quality, consistently demonstrated year after year, has helped to cement a legacy of pure class. There, is, however, one problem with them. Despite this incredible reputation, they depreciate fast. Buying one as an investment is not a good idea. However, at some point you might want to get rid of it. How do you go about maximizing its selling price, given its tendency for its value to drop like a lead balloon? In this article, we’re gonna give you some tips on how to get the biggest returns on your Rolls.


Get the car repaired and valeted by an authorized Rolls-Royce dealership. You could have this done pretty much anywhere, but I’m recommending an official Rolls dealership for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this is not a car that you want anyone but the most well-trained and knowledgeable people going near. Secondly, having that as a selling point is a big deal, and will definitely help assuage buyers’ fears that the car hasn’t been well looked after. Finally, they’ll know exactly what to do, what common issues to check for, and more. It’ll look like new once they’re done, and that’s perfect.


When you’re taking photos, the car’s exterior shouldn’t be your sole focus. This is a car with an interior that oozes class. Take plenty of pictures of the inside, showing exactly what level of condition its in. Show the hand stitched leather in all its glory (use the Macro mode on your camera, if you have to), the dash, the rear seats, the back’s sumptuous creature comforts, and more. A shot or two under the hood is a pretty safe bet, too. We’ve discussed this before, but getting photos during the golden hour, just before the sun finally sets, will really make its looks pop.

Writing The Advertisement

I’m not trying to suggest that your sole selling experience comes from whacking a Ford Taurus onto  Craigslist, but writing an ad for your Rolls-Royce is a different league. Emphasize any of the car’s unique selling points, such as specific equipment on that model. Write about its comfort, and the history of the marque. Just don’t go too overboard, no one wants to buy a car from someone who’s going to put their back up.


It’s tempting to think that just because the Rolls-Royce turns heads, it should fetch a high price. Sadly, reality doesn’t work like that. Unless you’ve got a vintage Rolls-Royce (in which case, the following advice goes out the window), you’re going to have to sell it for less than you bought it, and quite substantially less at that. Both Hemmings and Hagerty offer solid tools that let you look at average market values for particular models. Once you’ve established what cars like yours mostly sell for, you can adjust the selling price depending on condition, rarity, etc. There aren’t any hard and fast rules to setting prices, but use your head, and do your research.

Where to Sell Your Used Rolls Royce

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Rolls Royce For Sale By Owner

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