Tips for Test Driving an Exotic Car

Test Drive Exotic Cars

Purchasing an exotic car is a momentous event in your life, especially if you’ve been dreaming of this day for quite some time. The first step of the process is to actually get behind the wheel of the car and experience what it’s like to drive it. While this seems simple enough, this isn’t your standard drive down the street; you have way more to consider when test driving a vehicle – new or used.

Test Drive Exotic Cars

Take it Seriously

Car dealerships don’t want to add miles onto a vehicle just so you can say you test drove a luxe vehicle. It’s best to contact the dealership via the web or phone before the actual test drive. Request information about the vehicles they have available and express your interest in owning one. This is setting a solid foundation for the test drive. If you want a base-level sedan, test drive one. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a turbocharged coupe with all the features, opt for one as close as possible to the one you want. Don’t waste their time or test drive one that’s just similar to the one you want because every car is different.

Take a Moment to Truly Savor

Far too often, a person gets behind the wheel of an exotic car and just wants to experience how it handles and its engine performance. However, if you want a posh ride, speed and performance aren’t everything. Take a few moments when you get in to savor the feeling of just sitting in it. Look around the interior and make sure you’re satisfied. You’ll know at this point if this could be “The One.”

Evaluate the Seating Thoroughly

Depending on your height, the car might not be the one for you. Shorter individuals find some cars difficult to drive because they barely are able to see over the dash. On the other hand, some cars sit an individual up too high, which makes judging distance a bit harder. You should reach the steering wheel comfortably. When you look over your shoulder, you should have an unobstructed view. Sitting in the seat should be a comfortable experience. No rare ride is worth experiencing discomfort every time you drive. If you find it isn’t a perfect fit, ask to test drive another.

Drive It in as Many Circumstances as Possible

You want to get a good feel for how this car handles in as many circumstances as you’ll have it in as possible. Take it on the highway and find a location to parallel park it. Get a feel for its turning radius as well as its maneuverability.

Ask Questions

Any questions you have, make sure you speak up. Be sure to do research first before you ask an unnecessary question. You want to look informed prior to walking into the dealership. You want the dealership to know you’re serious. Not to mention, you’ll get a much better deal if you sound educated and experienced at driving exotic automobiles.

Checklist When Buying Exotic Cars

Exotic Car Buyers Guide

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