Tips to Selling Your Used Bentley Online

How to Sell a Bentley

Sell your used Bentley Continental GT, used Flying Spur, used Mulsanne or even used Arnage, Azure or Brooklands using this how-to-sell-your-Bentley-online guide.

How to Sell a Bentley

Get Your Bentley Detailed

We want your Bentley to jump off the page when buyers browse online classifieds. Having excellent photos will do that, but first a full detail should be in order. A proper detail includes: wash, clay bar, wheels, interior, polish, sealant, wax, dressings, paint correction and will run $250-$400. Stay away from dealer referrals that sound too good to be true—a pristine detail job isn’t cheap.

Document Your Used Bentley’s Service History

Use Carfax or Autocheck to get a vehicle history report. Organize service records and miscellaneous items like the owner’s manual, extra keys and tool kit if it has one. Dealer-serviced vehicles with a documented service history are what buyers want.

Get Great Photos of Your Bentley

This is the most important part of the selling process. You need good photos to generate buyer interest and conversely to keep buyers from being turned off by blurry, out-of-focus, off-center and/or improperly oriented ones. Hiring a professional photographer is an option but you might be able to find an amateur to do it for cheap or free—they will likely be drawn to the opportunity to practice shooting something like a Bentley and network with someone who owns one.

If you’re up to the task yourself keep these tips in mind:

1. Get these shots: front 3/4’s both sides, front dead on, rear 3/4’s both sides, rear dead on, driver’s seat to show any wear, passenger’s seat to show any wear, dashboard.

Terry Godbout, a Ferrari broker in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, cautions against having too many photos, advising that “eight to 10 images are plenty.” It’s not that having a lot of photos is a negative thing, more so that they can become redundant after a while. Eight to 10 great photos will get serious buyers to contact you.

2. Keep the sun behind you

3. Fill up the frame and shoot somewhere without a distracting background

Price Your Used Bentley

It can be difficult to find proper book values for high-end luxury cars. Sports Car Market’s Pocket Price Guide, available by subscription only, shows median prices based on past auction results. Alternatively, sellers may want to study other used Bentley listings at the major hubs like Autotrader and eBay, but also the classifieds section in forums centered around high-end vehicles like (anyone can browse) and (minimum 100 posts required to browse classifieds).

Where to Sell Your Used Bentley

Target affluent buyers in the market for used ultra-luxury and exotic cars by advertising on Exotic Car List.

Congratulations, What’s Next?

If you’ve followed the guide, you should be in a strong position to sell your used Bentley at the higher end of its market value. This will give you the capital to pursue a new dream car, or perhaps a different new or used Bentley model.

Bentley For Sale By Owner

Used Bentley For Sale

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