BMW considers hydrogen electric cars free for electric cars

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BMW is one of the few automakers that continues to invest in hydrogen fuel cell energy. Most automakers, especially Tesla, believe that hydrogen is not only a dead technology for cars, but that investing in it will only slow down the development of electric vehicles. However, BMW believes the opposite. BMW feels that hydrogen-electric vehicles are not only viable options for many applications, but also help to complement electric vehicles.

“Along with electric mobility, hydrogen remains relevant for us. We consider hydrogen-electric transmissions as a supplement to battery electric transmissions. This is the only way our fleet can have the maximum impact on climate protection. That is why we support the European Commission’s plans to expand the infrastructure of charging and hydrogen filling stations along European motorways. ” said Dr Nicholas Peter, Member of the Management Board, at the recent annual BMW Conference.

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BMW iX5 Hydrogen in Arjeplog on February 22

Hydrogen-electric energy is not something that should be abandoned, and it is something that could have a place in the market next to electric cars. Hydrogen-powered vehicles have zero emissions because they are powered by electric motors. These engines are simply powered by hydrogen fuel cells. But the advantage of hydrogen energy is refueling time, because such a car can fill its tank in just a few minutes, like an internal combustion car. This makes them better for long-haul vehicles such as trucks.

It also makes sense for customers living in rural areas, where any gas stations / chargers are few. It would be useful to give rural customers the opportunity to replenish stocks much faster, while ensuring zero-emission driving.

There are many applications for hydrogen-electric vehicles, so it’s great that BMW is still investing in this technology. The BMW iX5 Hydrogen is a great example of this, as it looks and feels like a fully-fledged production car, not just some intricate techno-display.

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BMW iX5 Hydrogen in Arjeplog on February 22

“Our BMW iX5 Hydrogen is already in the final stages of development. We have just completed the winter tests in extreme conditions. The result: full range and performance even at minus 20 degrees Celsius. In the fall we will start releasing a small series. And we are already preparing for the next generation of our fuel cell transmission. IPCEI funding will accelerate the development and industrialization of this additional generation of transmissions in Germany. BMW is, in fact, the only carmaker to commit to producing a car under this program. ” Said Peter.

Both hydrogen-electric vehicles and battery-electric cars can coexist and even complement each other. At this time of great change for the car, there seems to be no universal alternative fuel that is suitable for all applications. Until then, having several high-quality options for different applications will only help reduce global emissions faster. That’s why BMW still sees hydrogen energy as a profitable investment.

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