BMW Z4 GT3, designed for mountain climbing, has a huge wing, great music NA V8

BMW Z4 GT3 innovations 1900x1200 01 750x499

The day when cars with naturally aspirated V8 engines will no longer roam the earth will be an extremely sad day. Fortunately, it has not yet appeared, and this new video is a good reminder of why we love them. You can say that this is not the usual version of the previous BMW roadster, as the Z4 GT3 was created for mountain climbing.

It is based on the good old NA V8, in particular the P65B44 configuration used in motorsport programs. The 4.4-liter unit is gaining approximately 550 hp. at a glaring 8,300 rpm in a car that weighs just 1,190 pounds (2,623 pounds). This makes it lighter than the MINI Cooper Hardtop, not to mention the 1st series. With so much power that you need to move so little metal, let’s say the Z4 GT3 is pretty fast.

It was built last year and participated in St. Agatha HillClimb and Oberhallau HillClimb, both of which take place in Austria. In his inaugural season, he managed to get into the top five in the class of touring cars. This is an impressive feat, given that the team behind the Z4 GT3 is still tuning the car to get the perfect setting.

BMW Z4 GT3 innovation 1900x1200 01 750x499

BMW Z4 GT3 Tamed By Pro Drivers

A selection of videos published on Monsters HillClimb The YouTube channel shows how a race car works in the hands of different drivers. Not just any driver, but Bernhard Permetinger in Oberhallau and Jörg Weidinger in St. Agatha. Both tamed the wild beast as he climbed the hill, playing his beautiful music, not disturbed by forced induction.

The P65B44 engine has also been installed in the older M3 ALMS and M3 GT2 since the late 2000s before being adapted for the Z4 GT3. Internal combustion engines designed for racing cars will always sound better than what manufacturers install in road vehicles. This is because a production car must comply with strict rules, so cars sold in the EU sound rather muted.

An experienced driver is needed to master such a powerful light rear-wheel drive racing car. We would be intimidated by driving on such a difficult route, but that is why professional race car drivers make a lot of money.

[Source: HillClimb Monsters / YouTube]

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